5 Storage Unit Organization Hacks You'll Wish You Knew Before

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5 Storage Unit Organization Hacks You'll Wish You Knew Before

Whether you have already packed your storage unit full or are thinking about what to store in the future, these storage organization tips will make life easier.

Almost 50% of Americans say that their homes are somewhat cluttered with items they no longer use. 

If you're one of them, then you should know that decluttering your home is as easy as renting a storage unit. But to keep this investment efficient, you need to understand how to organize a storage unit. 

Taking all your clutter and placing it into a storage unit only moves the clutter from one place to another. Instead, you should get up to speed on storage unit organization and have a plan in mind.

Here are our Top 5 ways to keep your unit organized.

1. Create a Storage Unit Organization List

If you're placing a lot of items in storage, you're not going to remember all of them, let alone where you've placed them within the unit. This is especially true when it comes to smaller items like clothing or small appliances.

To remember what you have in your unit and where it is, keep a master inventory list. You can start this list while you're packing items for your storage unit and create a map as your put boxes away. You can even start thinking about this well in advance of packing if you use a size guide.

2. Choose Your Boxes Wisely

Using the same box size for most of your items will help with stacking, which will help with saving space. Small or medium boxes usually do the trick for most items. Larger boxes can be used for items that aren't too heavy. 

Remember that those larger boxes shouldn't go on the bottom of a stack unless they can hold the load above them. You'll always want to but the heaviest boxes down first and take care of how high you're stacking.

Instead of boxes, you might also consider clear plastic bins. Because the bins are transparent, they make it easier to track down what's inside. Yet, these tend to be a bit more pricey than regular cardboard boxes.

3. Use Labels

If you do opt for cardboard boxes, you should label them. And when you're labeling, make sure to be specific.

That means, instead of labeling a box "kids bedroom," be specific about what's in that box. You might have four "kids bedroom" boxes, and you'll need to know which of them contains linens versus those that contain toys. 

4. Make Sure Things Are Accessible

Some of the things you choose to store will be items you rarely need access to like old books, photographs, unused furniture, etc. Other items will need to be more accessible such as:

  • Holiday decorations

  • Winter or summer clothing

  • Seasonal gear for sports, camping, etc.

  • Tools and supplies for hobbies 

At the back of the unit, stack boxes and items that you won't need right away. Items you need to access more frequently should be situated close to the storage unit door or placed on accessible shelving.   

5. Consider Using Shelving

Installing temporary hanging shelves in your storage unit can help amplify your organization. You can also use plastic or metal shelves that stand on the ground. Shelves maximize the space you have and also store items that don't fit in your boxes. 

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