Climate Controlled vs Air Conditioned Storage Units: What's the Difference?

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Air Conditioned vs. Climate Controlled Storage Units

While the two options sound similar, you will soon realize that a climate-controlled storage unit is much more desirable than an air-conditioned unit.

Three words: Humidity over temperature.

When selecting the right storage unit, you need to pick the facility best suited for your location and items. Knowing the difference between a climate-controlled storage unit and an air-conditioned is critical. It can be the difference in keeping things safe or coming back to a room of ruined valuables.

While climate-controlled and air-conditioned units sound similar, they are different in their effectiveness. Read on to learn why climate-controlled units are your best bet for storage.


Climate Controlled vs. Air Conditioned Storage 

In short, climate control maintains constant temperature and humidity levels throughout the year.  Air conditioning only works to keep the unit cool during the hot months.

Certain climate control units also purify the air, store perishables at cold temperatures, and provide airtight insulation.


Items that Need Climate Control

Do your items need climate control? Deciding what storage environment your belongings need is the first step. 

Certain belongings need specific conditions to survive. For example, antiques and instruments can rot in humidity. Poor air quality can ruin electronics and mildew damages books.

Even if your belongings are not susceptible to temperature changes, they might be expensive or sentimental. The extra protection of climate-controlled units can bring you peace of mind.


Temperature vs. Humidity

Humidity ranked as the most important aspect of climate control among self-storage customers across the US in 2013.

Extreme heat is as likely as extreme cold to ruin certain belongings. Air-conditioned units only protect against the former. But whether you live in a place with freezing or scorching temperatures, humidity is almost always present.

Climate controlled storage units keep these factors constant with temperatures between 50 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Humidity in these units stays around 55 percent. This prevents mold and mildew, as well as bugs, dust, and debris.



While climate-controlled units cost 35 to 50 percent more on average than traditional units, they are well worth the price. If you plan on storing items for a long time, you'll end up saving money otherwise spent on replacing damaged belongings.

At D Highway Storage, a traditional 10' x 10' unit will cost you $60. The same size unit with climate control will run you $100. For more size and pricing options, click here.


Benefits of a Climate Controlled Storage Unit

75% of new storage facilities now offer climate control options. There's a good reason for that.

Unless you're storing basic household items that can withstand temperature fluctuations, you'll need some sort of climate-controlled storage unit. Even with a higher price point, the peace of mind knowing valuable family heirlooms or expensive electronics have been safely stored is well worth the cost.

If you're still unsure which type of unit is right for you, always check with a professional. For more storage advice, check out the storage page of our website.

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